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Class Offerings

 A Loving Creative Environment

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to Preschool

This class is perfect for your child's first introduction to a classroom environment. Emphasis is placed on hands-on learning fun with the introduction of early pre-math and pre-reading skills.  

​We offer plenty of movement to music, outside play, crafts, classic early childhood literature, age appropriate academic stimulation and social coaching. 

Children must be 3 by November and fully potty trained to attend.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30am–1:00pm

Tuition: $460 monthly

Pre-K 3 Day

Children will be exposed to early math concepts as well as an introduction to the alphabet. They will become familiar with the letters that make up their name and recognize their name in print. A foundation for early math will be set with sorting, simple graphing, recognition of numerals 1-10, construction of simple sets and assigning attributes to shapes; as well as simple addition and subtraction.


We focus on social coaching and helping children learn to self advocate, cooperate and act appropriately in a classroom setting. 

Children must be 4 by November and fully potty trained to attend.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30am–1:00pm

Tuition: $460 monthly

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Pre-K 5 Day

Children will have more advanced studies of the letters and sounds, more small motor work, and will produce a portfolio of their work and the progress that they have made. This class will learn patterns, counting by 10s, charting, graphing, constructing sets, place value, simple addition and subtraction.  Later in the year we will be exposing the children to blends or digraphs, word families and some sight words.

Children must be 4 by September and fully potty trained to attend.

Monday – Friday, 9:30am–1:00pm

Tuition: $630 monthly


Learning, Creativity & Fun!


Daily art projects will allow the child to grow in self expression and begin aesthetic appreciation.


Counting by ones and tens. One to one correspondence, identifying numerals, patterns and sets. Simple addition and subtraction, understanding charts and graphs, identifying shapes and their attributes.

Language Arts

Children will develop an understanding of the letter/sound relationship and begin to read words with accuracy and expression.


Music is part of our daily routine. Children will become involved with music as listeners and participants,  improving their speech and language development.


Children learn that they are a special creation of God with unique talents and abilities, and that He loves them and desires to be their friend and helper. They will become familiar with Bible stories and scripture verses. 


Our daily schedule includes movement, with concentration on motor skills development.


We want our children to develop an appreciation of the world around them. We will promote analytical thinking and science as a process utilizing inquiry, exploration and discovery.

Social Studies

We will strive to create an awareness and appreciation of oneself and others. We will broaden the child’s social environment by exposing them to other customs and cultural diversity.

Social Development

Each child should begin to develop positive relationships with their peers and teachers, as well as a positive self image and confidence.

Our Curriculum

Download the form below to view our full curriculum.

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