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Welcome to

DCP Milestone

A loving, Christian environment
reinforcing Biblical truths and values.

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Our Class Offerings

Intro to Preschool

Perfect for your child's first introduction to a structured classroom setting with emphasis on social and emotional development. Children must be three years of age by November of the current school year.

Meets M-W-F.

Pre-K 3 Day

Preparation for kindergarten in our play-based program where children are instructed in age appropriate academic concepts.  Offered for children who will be four years of age by November of the current school year.

Meets M-W-F.

Pre-K 5 Day

Designed for mature students and those who are chronologically eligible for Kindergarten, but need "the gift of time" to develop socially and emotionally. Offered for children who will be at least four years of age by September of the current school year.

Meets Monday through Friday.

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Our Approach

Our belief is each child is a unique creation of God and is valuable in His sight. Our desire is to offer quality academics in a loving Christian environment. We provide opportunities for each child to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially and nurture each child’s spiritual growth. We feel that our "hands on" program provides an atmosphere for the complete development of your child. We trust that your child’s experience with us will build self-confidence and provide opportunities for learning and fun.

Tuesday, May 14

No School / Primary Election Day

Friday, May 17

No Regular Classes / End of Year Program

Friday, May 20

DCPM Picnic / See your Teacher for information

Friday, May 24

Last Day of School 

May Calendar

DCP Milestone

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